Sherberts Shelter is a small shelter aimed at helping my favourite animal, the Guinea pig

The Shelter was inspired by one such animal SHERBERT She had a stroke and everyone said she would die,but she didn't, and during her life she was little devil. If you would like to meet her Click Here

I have been running the shelter now for nearly 5 years, so naturally Sherbert has passed away, she is very sadly missed.

The shelter takes in unwanted, ill or neglected animals. We exclude nobody, and this page is to tell you about our cases. Luckily 90% of our cases are just unwanted, and in perfect health, these are rehomed. sadly though some are sick and need our help, we wanted to tell you a little more about our cases

Those Presently being treated, these are cases that are in right now, or recently, being treated as I go along myself, day by day updated on 21/10/00

The Case Histories these are looked at from hindsight, maybe your piggie has a similar problem ?

NEW, a page of 'adoptees', take a look and see when they get a new home   updated on 21/10/00

And those for who are sadly no longer with us I pay a tribute in our sister Cavyland page

we cant win them all.

The shelter does have certain policies though and they are listed below, all have a good reason behind them.

Be VERY careful when homing a guinea pig with a rabbit, it can work, but needs extreme CAUTION

SHERBERT SHELTER will not rehome a breeding pair. A great deal of responsibility is needed for breeding, I have seen many tragic unwanted babies.


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How to contact me

You can e-mail me at for any kind of questions or information.

For further Guinea Pig information visit Cavyland HERE